Slanders on Muslims in History - Harun Yahya

Slanders on Muslims in History

By Harun Yahya

  • Release Date: 2007-02-17
  • Genre: Islam


Slander is one of the ugly methods used by some dishonest and immoral people whose interests have been damaged, and thus are angry, and full of ill-feeling toward the people with whom they are in competition or whom they desire to hurt. In societies that are far removed from religious morality and so do not live by Allah’s will, it is frequently used to put others in a bad light. This book deals with a certain type of slander, which has been handed down from generation to generation over thousands of years as if it were an inheritance: that used by those who do not believe in religion to harm believers, whether physically or spiritually. The Qur’an reveals that all of Allah’s messengers and other devout people who called their societies to abide by the Qur’an’s morality stood accused of avarice, madness, arrogance, theft, and fornication. By Allah’s leave, however, every piece of slander has come to nothing. These people always displayed exemplary patience and reliance upon Allah when confronted with slander, disregarded such efforts, and continued to live by the morality ordained by Allah and invite people to the righteous path.